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Yes, we strongly encourage our customers to witness  the destruction of their sensitive documents while they are being shredded on site.  We have an “on-board” camera where you can witness all aspects of the shredding process.

Our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck can shred at 4000 lbs/hr.  We can shred 10 bankers’ boxes or about 300 lbs of paper in approx 4 minutes.  It would take you approx 20 hours to shred the same amount using a small home office shredder.

Yes you can.  We offer the ability for you to bring your documents to our location and we will shred them right in front of you.

Yes we do. We can come to your office and destroy your hard drives on site with our mobile hard drive crusher.

Yes, we supply locked security bins for your documents at absolutely no cost to you.  Visit our resources page (Shredding Consoles and Bins) for additional information.

Strongbox will provide the labor necessary to complete any job. Yes, we will work with you ahead of time to understand your needs when it comes to your secure document destruction. Strongbox specializes in Commercial, Government, as well as Residential paper shredding

Staples and paper clips are fine, we do ask that you remove all 3 ring binders ahead of time.

Strongbox is taking paper shredding and customer service to the next level. We want to help your office managers and your facilities people look like rock stars. We do this by showing up on time and disposing of your sensitive documents on-site with our mobile shredding trucks. One less item your office staff needs to worry about, paper shredding, we’ve got that handled!