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We recycle 100% of our paper.

As more companies launch green initiatives, properly handling documents in a responsible manner is becoming more critical. When you have your documents professionally shredded the benefits filter into society. Landfills are less populated because of the reduced amount of garbage being added. Re-using your old paper for new products also helps to save trees that would have been cut down to produce more paper products. Statistics say that every ton of recycled paper causes 74% less air pollution than the same amount of paper made from virgin wood pulp. Recycled paper also used 50% less water and 64% less energy. (EPA, 2008)

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Our Mobile Shredding Trucks

Meet the EPA’s strict new low emissions standards and operates on ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel) or B5 Biodiesel fuel. The MDS-26GTX is also equipped with Shred-Tech’s Predictive Idle with auto shutdown and remote panel start/stop. Predictive Idle senses low shredder loads and shuts off the high engine idle when the shredder is unattended and the hopper is empty. Moments later the PTO’s are turned off along with the engine. This means never wasting fuel and engine hours