Hard Drive & Data Destruction Services

Strongbox has the ability to destroy the following different types of digital Media;

  • Hard drives ( laptop, desktop, storage media, PATA, SATA)
  • Optical Media (CDs, DVDs, Blue ray and HD DVDs)
  • Cell phones, PDAs, Mini computers, and more…
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Hard Drive Destruction

Physical hard drive destruction is the best solution for discarding unwanted hard drives. Simply erasing the information from your hard drive is not the answer. To ensure that no one can get access to the data that resides on your hard drive, total data destruction is the best solution.

Off-Site Destruction

A strongbox technician that has undergone an FBI criminal background check will arrive at your facility to safely transport your hard drives in a locked container to our facility where they will be destroyed. After the hard drives have been crushed all materials are transported in a locked container to a Strongbox approved facility for shredding and recycling.

On-Site Destruction

If your company policy requires that all sensitive information must be destroyed on site, than let us bring our portable hard drive destroyer to your site. One of our technicians will arrive on site, and destroy the hard drives with you witnessing the procedure.

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