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How to Create a Document Shredding Schedule

  • blog entry 4If you run an office, especially as a small business owner or entrepreneur, there’s a lot to do. You’re juggling meetings, scheduling tasks, processing invoices, and trying to keep track of papers. So it’s easy to overlook past due paperwork that is ready to be shredded, while maintaining the security standards your business needs to keep information secure.
  • While medium and large sized businesses have shredding schedules in place, or at least an idea of when to contact an onsite document destruction company like Strongbox, smaller companies and entrepreneurs usually don’t. Even if they do, it’s easy to forget when there is so much going on.
  • Here are some quick tips for creating a shredding schedule that works and ensuring you maintain strict security guidelines for yourself, your company, and your clients.
  • Step 1 – Determine What Needs to be Shredded
  • If you haven’t yet, check out our shredding checklist to see what you should and should not shred. Some documents can be shredded almost immediately after they have been processed, while others need to remain on file for months or even years before they can be shredded.
  • Other documents practically need to be shredded on a regular basis as a strict security precaution or even to maintain compliance with state or federal law. Your industry and clientele may affect this as well.
  • Step 2 – Determine Volume and How to Maximize Efficiency
  • Executive Console Box
  • Smaller businesses have fewer papers, so calling a mobile paper shredding company once a month may be too often. But don’t be tempted to use an office paper shredder instead. Our document destruction trucks use top of the line cross cutting technology to ensure your paperwork is thoroughly and securely destroyed. Office shredders are nowhere near as secure.
  • So instead of playing it by ear, run the numbers and determine how often you fill a box or bin. We also supply locked executive bins free of charge that can be used to hold papers due for destruction until the next time we visit your office.
  • Step 3 – Set a Schedule and Follow Through
  • Once you know how often you’ll need paper shredding services, give Strongbox a call and setup a schedule. We handle all paper shredding, document destruction, and hard drive destruction on-site with our mobile trucks, so we will be at your Milwaukee area business when it suits your schedule. By setting a schedule now, locking those dates in with Strongbox, and keeping all paperwork due for destruction in a locked bin, you can maintain security and peace of mind without having to personally oversee the process month after month.

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