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Risk Of Using an Office Shredder

Most offices have at least one paper shredder, but that paper shredder, when improperly used can pose a substantial risk to your company – both in terms of general information liability and loss of valuable hours spent operating the device.

Here are some of the most common risks of using a shredder in the office and how mobile on-site shredding services can resolve or alleviate the issues they might cause.

Security Risks 

Most office shredders cut papers into thin strips of paper. These strips can be reassembled quickly by thieves who gain access to company trash or recycling. There is even software available that aids these individuals in scanning and recreating these documents.

Strongbox uses a cross shred or cross cut  process to produce random particles of paper that are then mixed together with 9000 lbs of other destroyed documents.

Audit and Lawsuit Vulnerability 

Office shredders are rarely used consistently and records or documentation are often incomplete. If an audit or lawsuit occurs and a document was improperly shredded without documentation, it can lead to fines or other legal concerns that a managed, on-site shredding service would prevent.

Because Strongbox offers scheduled shredding, there is a documented trail for all papers destroyed, and we issue certifications of destruction for each scheduled shredding for use in future audits.

The Cost of Operating an Office Shredder

A monthly shredding service is often less expensive than operating an in-office shredder. With labor costs, electricity, maintenance time and equipment costs, an in-office shredder can cost a substantial amount of money to operate. Strongbox offers a complete all-in-one service, including locked bins and executive consoles, along with on-site removal and destruction of your documents – reducing costs substantially, while increasing peace of mind.

Messes and Safety Hazards

While proper operation of a paper shredder will ensure accidents do not happen, there are multiple serious injuries reported every year related to paper shredders – from cuts to lost fingers. Dust fragments, plastic and metal dust can also get into the air and irritate lungs or even cause a fire hazard.

With Strongbox’s mobile document destruction services, your documents will be destroyed in a secure mobile environment out of your office so dust and other fragments can have no impact.

There are many reasons why in-office paper shredding is risky to your business. Call Strongbox today to learn how our paper shredding services can mitigate those risks, improve security for your business, and reduce workload for your team.


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