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Taking Advantage of a Summer Slowdown for a Big Move or Purge

Banker Boxes

Banker Boxes

Summer can be a slow time of year for any business.  Vacations and generally a slow time in corporate America tend to be the norm during the summer months.

This is why it’s such a good time to consider a big internal project – something you’ve been putting off for months or even years because you were too busy. One of the most common big projects on the docket for businesses in the Milwaukee area is an office move.

Our Busiest Time of the Year

As you can imagine, a big office move is the perfect time for a full document purge. Moving all of those old documents – the ones that probably should have been destroyed a long time ago – is an unnecessary expense, and when you’re already sorting through everything is a perfect time to call in a company like Strongbox to handle your document destruction.

So this is a very busy time of year for us. Companies throughout the Madison & Milwaukee area are calling for our mobile document destruction team to help them with their purge and office move.

Getting Ready for a Clean and Purge in Your Office

If you’re close to making the call on your own office clean out or purge, of if you’re preparing to move to a new space and have not yet considered a document purge, here are some important things to consider. Even if you’re not quite ready for a full clean out, this can be a good time to get caught up as you settle into a new space.

  • Be Thorough – Go through everything. The last thing you want to do is move thousands of documents only to have to purge them next year.
  • Create an Action Plan – Create a clear plan to document movement of your files, which ones are getting destroyed and when your mobile document destruction partner will handle that process.
  • Follow Your Guidelines – If you have a corporate record retention policy, make sure you following those guidelines when evaluating what to destroy and what to retain.
  • Set a Date and Communicate to Department Heads – Set a date in advance for our truck to visit your office and communicate it with all of your department heads to ensure nothing is overlooked in the purge process.

Whatever you are planning, give Strongbox a call for your entire summer move and clean out needs.

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