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The Environmental Impact of Proper vs. Improper Document Destruction

Strongbox Document Destruction.

Strongbox Document Destruction.

When we talk about document destruction, more often than not we speak of the legal and security implications. Properly destroying old and unnecessary documents ensures privacy for clients and partners while complying with laws and regulations in your specific industry. It’s a must, but also a responsible thing to do as a company.

But there is another component – one that is just as important and falls into the category of corporate responsibility as much as any privacy implications. That is the environmental implications of properly destroying and disposing of your documents.

Proper document destruction involves not only cross cutting on-site to ensure chain of custody and eliminate potential security holes, but it integrates recycling of the destroyed documents as part of a green workplace.

Improper Document Destruction and Unnecessary Waste

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of ways that document destruction can be performed improperly. Many offices still do it internally, using shredders that don’t fully destroy the document and bins that don’t guarantee those shreds are recycled. On top of that, the cost of running a shredder, both in terms of energy and manpower, can be high.

At the same time, not all document destruction companies guarantee proper recycling of your documents. While many do, there is no guarantee unless they offer it that the paper waste is recycled back into new paper once it has been effectively destroyed.

Proper Document Destruction

That’s why it’s so important to choose a partner to handle your document destruction who guarantees they will recycle the waste while handling the process so your team doesn’t have to. Strongbox does that and it’s part of what sets us apart.

To start, all of our document destruction occurs on site, on the truck while you watch on closed circuit video. This allows us to show you exactly what we are doing as we are doing it, cutting down on the cost of running shredders in office, and ensuring all paper is disposed of the same way.  To add an additional layer of security, your documents are shredded along with other documents that have been shredded that day and all are mixed together and held in our locked truck until the end of the day where we properly dispose and recycle the shredded material.

We also provide secure collection bins to keep paper separate from other waste and minimize the need for bags or other disposal receptacles.

Every scrap of paper you have us destroy will eventually be converted back into recycled product. It’s a way to minimize resource consumption while fulfilling your privacy and environmental responsibilities as a corporation.

Contact Strongbox Today to Learn More

If you are still destroying documents the old fashioned way or if you work with a firm that doesn’t guarantee green recycling practices, contact Strongbox. We offer on-site, secure document destruction services for businesses throughout the greater Milwaukee area and can ensure every scrap of paper we take from you is properly recycled.

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