Madison, WI- Paper Shredding Services

Madison Shredding and Document Destruction If you own or operate a business in the greater Madison, WI area and are interested in having a professional document destruction service provider take over paper shredding duties for your company, contact the experts at Strongbox paper shredding. Providing service to businesses throughout the Milwaukee and Madison, WI areas, Strongbox […]

Paper Shredding Services in Brookfield, WI

Brookfield, WI Data Security and Paper Shredding As a business owner or senior decision maker, it is your responsibility to maintain the security of your firm’s confidential information. Secure on-site shredding is one of the most effective ways to ensure that documents are properly destroyed and that private or confidential information does not fall into […]

Waukesha, WI- Paper Shredding

Waukesha Document Destruction and Paper Shredding One of the most important things you can do to protect the data and confidential information held by your business against fraud and potential identify theft is to properly destroy documents. In Waukesha, WI and the surrounding Milwaukee area, the experts of Strongbox offer comprehensive paper shredding, document destruction […]

ELM Grove, WI- Paper Shredding

Elm Grove Paper Shredding Services In the Elm Grove, WI and greater Milwaukee area, the experts of Strongbox are trusted by numerous businesses to handle their paper shredding and document destruction needs. Offering a range of services including on-site mobile document destruction, hard drive destruction, office clean-out, and purges, we can ensure your company’s confidential […]

Milwaukee Paper Shredding

Milwaukee Paper Shredding and Data Security The risk of fraud is a very real concern for business owners throughout Milwaukee, WI. One of the most effective ways to ensure that concern never becomes a reality is to hire a professional firm like Strongbox to handle all of your paper shredding and data security needs. Offering […]

Keep It Confidential

One of the most effective ways to maintain privacy for yourself or your business is to have your confidential documents shredded by a professional document destruction service provider. On-site mobile document destruction ensures that every piece of paper you need destroyed is done so securely. To help you prepare for document destruction, here is a […]

Risk Of Using an Office Shredder

Most offices have at least one paper shredder, but that paper shredder, when improperly used can pose a substantial risk to your company – both in terms of general information liability and loss of valuable hours spent operating the device. Here are some of the most common risks of using a shredder in the office […]

How To Choose A Paper Shredding Company

When the time comes to hire a shredding company to handle your document destruction, there are some things to ask them first. It’s vital that you know exactly who you are hiring, the methods they use, and how they qualify staff and maintain security for your documents. Here are some of the things to consider […]

Off-Site vs. On-Site Shredding

We are frequently asked whether off-site or on-site shredding is better. Being as Strongbox only offers on-site shredding services, it’s clear where we stand on this issue, but I want to take a moment and illustrate exactly why secure on-site shredding is better, both in terms of general security and your peace of mind. Off-Site […]

Taking Advantage of a Summer Slowdown for a Big Move or Purge

Summer can be a slow time of year for any business.  Vacations and generally a slow time in corporate America tend to be the norm during the summer months. This is why it’s such a good time to consider a big internal project – something you’ve been putting off for months or even years because […]

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