How to Create a Document Shredding Schedule

If you run an office, especially as a small business owner or entrepreneur, there’s a lot to do. You’re juggling meetings, scheduling tasks, processing invoices, and trying to keep track of papers. So it’s easy to overlook past due paperwork that is ready to be shredded, while maintaining the security standards your business needs to […]

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule and What It Means for You

The compliance date for the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule implementation was September 23rd, meaning your practice should already have integrated the provisions of the new rules into your policies and procedures. But what does that mean and how will it affect the documents and records you are responsible for? Today we want to take a […]

The Pitfalls of Off-Site Shredding

There are three options when it comes to document destruction. You can shred on-site yourself, which most office managers recognize is a poor form of privacy control, you can have an on-site shredding company visit and handle your document destruction, or you can pay someone to haul away your shreddable documents and destroy them in […]

The Environmental Impact of Proper vs. Improper Document Destruction

When we talk about document destruction, more often than not we speak of the legal and security implications. Properly destroying old and unnecessary documents ensures privacy for clients and partners while complying with laws and regulations in your specific industry. It’s a must, but also a responsible thing to do as a company. But there […]

An Overview of Media Sanitization

Media sanitization is an important part of any system. It is important to determine at the outset whether it can be sanitized with built-in systems and interfaces or if other measures will need to be taken, namely destruction. Whatever industry you are in, if there are systems in place that store or process sensitive information, […]

Avoiding The HIPAA Wall of Shame

For those in the healthcare industry, there are many regulations about data security and breach notification you must follow. One of the most important is Section 13402(e)(4) of the HITECH Act. It requires that if a breach occurs and affects more than 500 individuals, The Secretary of Health and Human Services must publish it. You […]

Protecting Your Data During the Holidays

The holidays can be a hectic time in any workplace. Not only are there a number of days everyone takes off, but many people take vacation and all the while you’re wrapping up the year’s paperwork and preparing for a new fiscal year to start. So it’s no wonder issues tend to develop this time […]

3 Tips for Preventing Credit Card Theft

As we have all heard in the last couple of months, credit card theft is on the rise, as cyber-criminals are finding new ways to gather credit information. Many hackers have been able to crack secured and unsecured networks, stealing credit card data from major online retailers like Target & Nieman Marcus, and hacking into […]

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